Injector Dynamics ID1000 Honda D Series 1000cc High Impedance

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Bosch's newest generation injectors are now available in a 1000cc high impedance injector.
  • Fits all Honda D Series engines.
  • If you're unsure if these will work in your application, give us a call and we'll help you figure out what it will take.
  • These are a 48mm long body, shorter than normal injectors. The adapter tops make them "normal" 60mm length and adapt them to OEM size o-rings. These have a droplet size comparable to a 600cc Siemens injector and way better spray pattern and atomization than any other 1000cc injector on the market. The proper battery comp values are also provided with each set so you can set it up in your computer and have consistent a/f ratios as battery voltage fluctuates. Most other injectors don't offer that information at anything other than 1 voltage level. Price is per set of vehicle specific injectors and includes the adapters for the top and an injector clip with pins.  Also available are vehicle specific Plug N Play harnesses, so no rewiring needed.
  • High Impedance, no need for injector drivers or injector resistors High pressure capability, All injectors will run comfortably at 100psi above 10v, flow will be increased by approximately 50% at 100psi High duty cycle, with a recovery time of only 1ms, all injectors will run up to 92.5% duty cycle at 9k rpm and 95% duty cycle at 6k rpm while maintaining linearity within 1% Excellent low pulsewidth response, linearity within 2% all the way down to 2ms, predictable response down to 1.5ms. Using a 3 dimensional battery comp table with Motec V3 software, low pulsewidth response can be linearized to practically zero flow. Good atomization, Droplet size of the 1000cc injector is comparable to the Siemens Mototron 60lb injector. Excellent consistency, no sets will require more than a 1% trim Ruler flat response, unmatched linearity means easy tuning and accurate compensations.
  • All of our injectors are sold in matched sets.  The sets are matched not only by flow, but by injector dead time.  Very very few people are offering this kind of matching consistency.  By matching the injectors based on both dead time and flow, you end up with a set of injectors that are matched to 1% from minimum to maximum pulsewidth.  If you don't match the injectors based on dead time, you can easily end up with a 4-10% flow variance from injector to injector in the 2-3 ms range, where most of the life of the injector is spent.  This can have a huge affect on idle quality and how smooth the engine runs.
  • Running peak and hold injectors with an injector resistor makes matters even worse.  By lowering the voltage to the injectors, the dead time deviation increases considerably, which increases the fuel flow deviation considerably as well
Priced per vehicle specific set.  Available individually as well.

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